Renting the COZY space

COZY by Avia Solutions Group Arena is a smaller space of the Avia Solutions Group Arena designed for cosy events yet equipped with every feature of the Arena. COZY by Avia Solutions Group Arena will accommodate between 1,000 and 4,400 viewers. This space accounts for nearly 45 per cent of the Arena’s entire floor space.

Why choose COZY by Avia Solutions Group Arena:

- a deep stage and a roomy backstage area;

- a cosy, luxurious interior – starting at the entrance;

- service personnel (ticket control, security, cleaning services);

- a well-developed infrastructure inside the Arena (7 catering points, spacious cloakrooms);

- capacious parking facilities near the Arena;

- competitive rent rates.

Contact us:

Guoda Domeikienė

Head of events

+370 654 69200