Food and beverage


"Avia Solutions Group" arena offers its guests wide variety  of food and beverage. Guests can enjoy 26 food and drink stalls runned by three different food service operators.

Delfi TV lounge features five "Taurakalnis" bars which offer the complete range of "Švyturys" and "Raudonos Plytos" beer, as well as, a wide selection of food and other beverages.

Different range of meals and beverages are offered by three concessions - "Taurakalnis", “Stalo herojai“ and "Fast & Fresh" which are located on the first level of the arena. 



In over 20 years of operation, "Taurakalnis" menu has featured over 700 different dishes. Delfi TV lounge, 42 VIP suites and some of the public snack bars have been dedicated to "Taurakalnis" and the team over 100 stuff who serve guests during events, buffets or private banquets. 

Fast & Fresh foods

"Fast & Fresh" offers fresh fast food. You can enjoy italian panini or ciabatta hot sandwitches with ham, saliami or chicken. Vegetarian visitors are also provided with a number of options of sandwitches, salads or snacks.



If you are hosting a public or private event at "Avia Solutions Group" arena, a banquet or buffet may be arranged for your guests, as well as coffee breaks, during seminars or training sessions.

Banquets, buffets or other refreshments can be arranged in different areas of the arena: in the main area, in particular bar or restaurant suite, in public spaces, in the Delfi TV lounge or in one of the events suites.

A special menu can be proposed according to the nature of the event and your preferences. "Avia Solutions Group" arena's partners can cater events of any scale – whether you are having 20 guests or 10,000.



Živilė Koncevičienė
Marketing Manager

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