Policies and rules



  • enter the arena with the permission of the administration only or, in the case of paid events, upon presenting a ticket or other document, which grants entry;
  • occupy the seats in the arena only that are specified on the ticket or other entry document that they possess;
  • use cloakrooms, cafés and other public premises in the arena, according to the established procedure;
  • smoke at the arena only in specially designated smoking areas;
  • attend events at the arena while meeting certain requirements (dress code, age, etc.) set by orginizers only upon presenting a ticket or other document which grants entry and/or meeting the set requirements.


  • access paid events without a ticket or other document, which grants entry, unless another procedure for admission is provided;
  • bring liquids, alcohol, soft drinks, food products, poisonous and psychotropic substances, weapons, sharp objects, explosive materials, cameras, photo equipment, animals or other items which are forbidden by the event organizer or the administration and which could cause a danger to others;
  • behave in a manner which poses a threat to themselves or other visitors;
  • enter the arena while under the influence of alcohol and/or psychotropic substances;
  • throw items into the stands, arena floor or basketball court, or disturb the normal course of the event in any other way;
  • access the stage, dressing rooms, backstage area, event organizer workplace or service premises without permission of the administration;
  • demean the human dignity of event participants and/or spectators orally or in any other way, or to ignore the norms of public conduct;
  • enter the service parking lot with a car or other means of transport without permission of the administration or other person who is responsible for public order;
  • damage or break the arena’s equipment, design elements, inventory or landscaping.


  • for security reasons, the arena is equipped with a video monitoring system which records visitors and their actions;
  • ticket or other entry document must be kept until the end of the event;
  • when leaving an item of clothing in the cloakroom, they should receive a numbered tag in exchange;
  • only one item of clothing can be left per hook in the cloakroom;
  • if the cloakroom tag is lost, visitor must inform the cloakroom staff immediately;
  • if a cloakroom tag is lost , visitor will be given the item that was left on that tag only after all other visitors will leave the arena (in this case, a document will be drawn up to record the loss or disappearance of the cloakroom tag and the return of the item to the visitor);
  • the visitor is obliged to reimburse the full price of the cloakroom tag that was lost;
  • handbags, luggage, hats and other items of similar nature are not accepted at the cloakroom;
  • the arena administration has the right to confiscate permits and other documents which grant access to the arena that have been given or sold to other persons who do not have the right to use them;
  • the arena administration reserves the right to remove visitors who fail to comply with these rules from the arena. Money that was paid to attend the event shall not be refunded;
  • by entering the arena, they automatically confirm that they have become acquainted with the arena’s rules of conduct and commit to follow them unconditionally.

Visitors who do not comply with these rules will be prevented from entering the arena or removed without separate warning.

Violations of public order and the rules of the arena are punishable according to the law.