Vienna Strauss Philharmonie Orchestra | Vilnius
2024 Gruodžio 15 d.
26,00-65,00 €
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Vienna Strauss Philharmonie Orchestra | Vilnius

The Vienna Strauss Philharmonic Orchestra will come to Lithuania for the third time in the first half of December 2024, where they will perform in Kaunas (December 10), Klaipėda (December 12) and Vilnius (December 15).

 The group will perform a NEW program, which includes works by Mozart, Brahms, Haydn, Albinoni, Bach, the brilliant Kalman and, of course, the Strauss dynasty.

The orchestra was created in 2014 by the founder of the world famous Mozart Orchestra, Gerald Grünbacher (Vienna, Austria)

The Orchestra's conductor is András Deák, a talented, charismatic maestro with a long, successful career.

27 musicians from all over the world (Austria, Hungary, Japan, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Taiwan, Croatia, Cyprus) were selected by a special jury for this tour.

 The group's activities are aimed at preserving and developing the musical culture of Vienna and promoting it at the European and international level.

Chief conductor Andras Laszlo Deak, a recognized maestro and brilliant conductor, will perform two full parts with incredible energy.

  András Deák has performed in many famous concert halls with the world's leading orchestras:

with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (Canada) at Jack Singers Hall (Calgary);

at the Orpheum Theater in Vancouver with the Vancouver Opera Orchestra;

at the Kennedy Center in Washington with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra;

in Chicago with the orchestra of the famous Chicago Lyric Opera.

In 2006, András László Deak was invited to the Vienna Musikverein as conductor of the Vienna Mozart Orchestra and has since become a permanent guest conductor of this famous ensemble.

The organizers hope that this evening will INSPIRE you and give you UNFORGETTABLE JOYFUL EMOTIONS.